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- We manufacture various textured wall coatings, high quality paints and rhino light equivalents
- We supply ready-to-use products and have various teams that can apply the product should you prefer not to do the application yourself
- The products supplied by Creative Coating Solutions are high quality coatings guaranteed to last more than 10 years
- Creative Coating Solutions is one of the largest wall coating manufacturers in South Africa and is used by companies and individuals
- We supply textured wall coatings to 100’s of people monthly

UV Resistant
Resistant to Abrasions
Disguises hairline cracks and minor building defects
Environment Friendly

Our textured wall coating solutions


FlexoPlast comes in a rough or smooth texture (1.6 mm to 2.4 mm). It can be manufactured in any colour and is about 3 mm thick when applied to interior or exterior walls as well as ceilings. It is colour fast, can be washed and can withstand the harsh South African climate.

You can paint over this texture should you wish to change the colour of a wall although we have clients who has had FlexoPlast on their walls for 20 years without repainting it. This product proved to be timeless as it has remained popular for more than two decades.


A newer version of Flexoplast and comes in a roughness of 1.1 mm to 1.6 mm. Plast-on is an elastomeric acrylic specialist finish, perfect for creating a unique finish on almost any surface. It is ideal for surfaces with minor cracks and is proving to be very popular for interior applications.

Pure Acrylic resin binders are used with inorganic colour-fast pigments and various fungicides, water repelling agents, plasticisers and other additives thus making Plast-on resistant to weathering, extreme temperature variations and ultra-violet degradation and is perfectly washable.


Glamourcote is another product that has been successfully manufactured and applied for over two decades. It is a mixture of different colours of crushed granite. It is often used as a replacement for tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.

Glamourcote is popular for interior coating of residential and commercial buildings. It creates a very modern appearance and never shows dirt.

Other Products

Paint Plast: This product will even out rough or raw surfaces. It can be coloured to the client's specification, thereby eliminating the need to paint.
Leveling Coat: A product to level any surface before treating with paint or other textured coatings.
Chemroll: A paint applied by a roller creating a ripple paint effect. Comes in various colours.
Sheen: A very high quality super acrylic paint.
Acrylic PVA: A very high quality acrylic paint. Very competitively priced. Recommended for use over tetured coatings should a client decided to change the existing colour of his coatings
Chempaint smooth: Used as a primer

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What our clients say

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Renuan Bezuidenhout Renuan

Thank you, our coatings look great! The quality is superb and the service was excellent!

Creative Coating Solutions are one of the best suppliers we have been dealing with over the past few years

Creative Coating Solutions - the company

Our wall coatings have been manufactured in accordance with Italian-based technology to suit South African conditions. The products are fibre acrylic based coatings and are manufactured locally.

They are of special interest to architects, homeowners and renovators due to their ability to withstand ageing, extreme temperature variations, pollution and general weathering conditions.

The long term efficiency of our wall coatings makes it an obvious choice for most South Africans. Our textured wall coatings has passed the SABS weathering test and carries a 10 year guarantee.